About Us

A cruise ship is a type of passenger ship that doesn’t just transport a person from one place to another. The reason why a lot of people want to get aboard a cruise ship once in their life because of the amenities it provides.

Part of the goal of a cruise ship is to provide their passengers with pleasure. With saying that, you can assume that they have quite the number of activities that would surely make their guests stay worth their while, and of course, their money.

It’s not a secret that one of the activities that you can enjoy inside a cruise ship is their casinos. Whether or not you are a regular player, you surely would want to try it even for just the time being.

However, the question remains to be how one could identify which cruise ship is the best.

So to help you with that, Timor Sea Justice has decided to provide you with all the information you need. We aim to give you such information through our contents, forums, and reviews.

The contents that we will provide will involve the considerations, features, and qualities that you need to look into a cruise ship. Our Forum section will be an area where users of our website could interact and exchange ideas.

And, the Reviews section will serve its purpose of evaluating certain cruise ships based on actual experience.

Aside from these crucial pages, which will be discussed further in their separate area, you also have the option to contact us directly. We keep our lines open in case there are things that you want us to clear up for you.

The whole point of this website is to make sure that you make wise choices. We want you to instil in your mind that paying for a cruise ship is very expensive and money is something that is quite hard to earn.

We understand such importance and so we want you to carefully choose the best cruise ship casino for you.

If you are worried that we are going to start charging you once you decide to use our website, don’t. The information we own is from a collective point of view of several people who have had their own experience in gambling on a cruise ship.

And if the roles were reversed, we would really be glad if someone had thought of this during our time.

Cruising and casino gambling is such an expensive thing to be together. But, we will make sure to do our very best to assure that such expense would not go to waste. Start exploring our webpage now and discover more of what we can do to help you.