Our Favorite Slot Machines of 2020

I have been arguing (for a while now) the side of choosing online casinos versus the traditional brick and mortar locations. Well, today I am actually going to argue the side favouring brick and mortar casino locations. I feel that everyone should read and hear both sides of any situation before making up their minds. Keep in mind, most of these choices can be found both online and at the traditional brick and mortar casino.

Millionaire Genie

It has a total of 5 reels and 3 pay lines. The total payout for line value is about 15 (which is fixed). I mention this because (inevitably) someone is going to try to tweak the slot machine to win. You cannot do it online, and you cannot do it in the casino. Stop trying. This slot machine allows you to pick your options (to a point). There are free spins and a jackpot. You can also find many wild symbols and features. The RTP (Return To Player) monetary value is between 92-95%. You can play for free using the demo version. Check with the casino first before playing. There might be a set limit as to how long you can play before they start asking you to use real money. Some traditional casinos will let you do this, and this is one of them.

Rainbow Riches

This is very popular in both New Zealand and the UK. This slot machine stays true to the famous legend. Get to the end of the rainbow and there is a pot of gold waiting for you. It is better to play the demo version of this online before walking into a casino. The reason is the beginners might find some of this a bit weird. They might also have trouble grasping some of the concepts. It is not that this game is particularly complex, but it can be confusing to new people (especially if you have never played a slot game before in your life). They do not call it Rainbow Riches for anything. Players will win a big prize if they play their cards right (so to speak). Yes, there is a jackpot. The jackpot is even larger than the normal amount you can win from the game.

Jack Hammer Two

This is another popular one that players like to try their luck with at the casinos. This is from the company NetEnt. It is a story about crime-fighting in the Grand City. This selection is as original as it gets, except for the free spins (20 in all). There are 15 reels and 3 rows. The pay lines are up to 99, but they are fixed. There is no jackpot. Sorry, guys. I am truly sorry for those hoping for a big jackpot. However, the good news is that the RTP is over 97%. That should at least be some “compensation”. This is another one where beginners (to slot machines) should play the demo version online before going into the casino. It will save you time and money later. Plus, it helps you to understand what to expect.

Gonzo’s Quest

Those who are familiar with the online game should have no trouble with this in a regular casino. It works pretty much the same way. Players can still enjoy their free spins in the casino, but no jackpot. Once again, I am sorry. The RTP payout rate is about 96% (which is still pretty good). Players can expect the main colour to be a combination of both green and gold. Once again, beginners should play this online before venturing into the casino. That way you know what to expect and how to play.

Some Simple Tips For Playing Slot Machines In The Casino

Once you have chosen your game, you should read over some simple tips on how to maximize your winnings. These tips work online and off.

1) One of the first things you want to do is study the paytable. Every table comes with a list of symbols, wilds, and scatters. Your job is to find out what each one is worth. Some are going to be more lucrative than others. I cannot tell you how to go about doing this but think carefully before proceeding. Some of you might be more suitable for low-risk planning. You may or may not want to stick with the higher symbols in the beginning. It all depends on your threshold for loss. Those of you who are more inclined to take risks might want to go all-in with the higher symbols. I guess it all depends on your personality. Those who do not handle risk and loss very well are better off choosing the lower paying symbols in the beginning. That way you can get your feet wet before jumping into something bigger.

2) Please do not drink too much and stick with your budget as much as possible. Here is one of the hidden secrets about casinos (that the staff does not want you to know). The staff wants you to get drunk. They want you to lose face and money. The drunker you are, the more ill-advised choices you are going to make (which plays right into their hands) That is why you should know how much you can drink prior. That way you do not go beyond your limit and start making stupid choices. Something to think about.

3) The smaller jackpots are going to pay more frequently. The larger ones do not. Stick to the smaller jackpots if you want a more lucrative return. A smaller jackpot will also keep your losses under control. The more you keep your losses under control, the less inclined you are to chase the dragon. Chasing the dragon never works. Ultimately, the dragon will end up chasing you. Play safe.