A Web Forum is a page of a website where people could communicate with each other. You have the choice to do it anonymously or not but the point is you can help others and they can help you too.

There are forums that allow you to visit a “thread” and view some replies but only up to a certain extent. Also, for regulation purposes, people are required to sign-up before they can participate in a thread or start one of their own. Of course being anonymous still is a choice.

The main reason why we have decided to include a forum section on our website is for people to interact and exchange information. We are a firm believer that we are only human and that there might be things that we miss. Important things that need to be tackled.

Also, since we mostly do contents which we can attest to, we can say that our resources might be limited. There might be circumstances that none of the people in our team has encountered yet. And with the help of forums, others could see your concerns and they may have the answer that you need.

Our Rules

We only adhere to two rules around here. One is to make sure that your replies are not based on some theories, and; two is to ensure that the environment of this website is kept professional.

Factual Replies

It is imperative that the replies posted out here or the threads made have factual information that one can support. Again, we are cultivating a community that could help each other in finding the top cruise casinos and we can’t do that if you feed on false pretence and hearsay.

Our moderators will constantly check threads and moderate the replies. We will do our own research based on the reply and decide to affirm or negate their premise. If we found out that you are serving the people lies, we will retain the right to openly say so or to delete your reply or the thread altogether.

Professional Environment

Again, we want to make a community out here and the only thing to do that is to keep everyone in their best behaviour. Again, our moderators will look over your replies and if they see something that could spark up an unhealthy debate, they will take it down without further notice.

The use of curse words and poorly-worded language will also not be tolerated and will be subject to the same consequence stated in the first point. This is the best way that we can think of to achieve the environment we are aiming for.