The Review portion of a website aims to give people a chance to speak their mind regarding something. However, reviews need to be from someone’s personal experience so that the judgment that they have rendered would prove to be helpful and legitimate.

In this case, we have decided to add a review section because we want our readers to have an actual representation of how the most sought to cruise ships work. This is one of the ways that one can gather information about a cruise company that you’ve had your eyes on.

We believe in freedom of expression but we do not condone people who tarnish other’s reputation based on bias and other unfair reasons. Because of this, we will confirm every review that will be submitted especially those which we find questionable and unbelievable.

To reiterate, we also have had our own experience in such companies and there is a chance that we could identify which reviews are meant to destroy others. If ever we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, we will try to reach out to other clients of a specific company in order to prove or disprove the claims provided.

This is the only way that we could come up of in order to serve our purpose towards our readers and to ensure that no name would get dragged down without sufficient evidence. We believe that this is balanced thinking.