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The Best Casinos in New Zealand

We often focus on gambling on cruises but seldom take the time to explore other forms of gambling in New Zealand. We have taken this opportunity to highlight the different forms of casino gambling available to New Zealanders and what the advantages and disadvantages are of each of the types of casinos.

The 4 types of casinos we are going to cover in this article are:

We will discuss the 3 primary areas to consider when looking at each of these types of casinos. These 3 areas are: accessibility, experience and variety of games.

Online Casinos

Online Casinos are relatively new compared to the other forms of casino gambling we are discussing here.

Accessibility – Online Casinos

Online casinos are the most accessible of all the types of gambling we have listed. Starting to play at an online casino is as simple as signing up at an online from a website like Best New Zealand Casinos where they will list the best casinos for New Zealanders along with the bonuses available and useful information on how to get the most out of you online casino experience.

There is a lot of information you should understand before making a decision as to whether or not you should play at an online casino and we have listed a number of articles here that you should read before signing up:

  • Minimum Deposit Casinos in NZ – This article explains the bonus restriction and minimum deposit values at the top online casinos in New Zealand
  • Online Casino Law in New Zealand – This is official regulation relating to online casinos in New Zealand. It highlights the fact that gambling online is only permitted when gambling at an offshore online casino as listed on the Best New Zealand Casinos website.
  • Online Casino Banking Options – This article discusses the various payment and withdrawal methods available at online casinos and highlights the pros and cons of each of these.

Experience – Online Casinos

The experience of gambling online bears some of the trademarks of traditional casinos with players still able to get the adrenaline rush of big wins and bad streaks. The biggest difference between the online and offline casino experience is the fact that you are not surrounded by flashing lights and other players. The closest you will get to the real world experience online is to play the live casino games that allow players to place bets remotely at real casino tables that are streamed to your phone or desktop.

The experience itself is not as grand as playing at a land based casinos or on a cruise ship but it is still superior to playing at your local pub in our opinion. This places online casinos 3rd on our list of casino experiences.

Variety of Games – Online Casinos

This is an area where online casinos excel. The variety of games you can find online are virtually endless with many of New Zealand’s online casinos offering in excess of 1000 games. These games range from feature rich pokies like Game Of Thrones, live casino table games and massive progressive pokies that reach jackpots in excess of 10 000 000 NZ Dollars.

The top online casinos in New Zealand release at least one new casino game every 2 weeks which is far more frequent than you would find offline, even at the best land based casinos.

Land Based Casinos

Land based casinos are probably what most people think of when you speak about casinos. They are normally large opulent buildings that transport their visitors out of their worlds and take them to one of bright lights, flashing jackpots and the dream of hitting it big.

Accessibility – Land Based Casinos

Land based casinos are very accessible for people living in big cities. They often provide accommodation for guests and access to alternative entertainment and child minding services to keep the kiddies as entertained as the adults.

The biggest difficulty in terms of accessibility for land based casinos is transport. If you are located in a rural area, it is completely impractical to drive long distances just to have a few spins which means that the act of accessing the casino becomes far more prohibitive than than playing at the local pub or online.

Experience – Land Based Casinos

The experience at the best land based casinos is all encompassing. The floors are designed to confuse the senses and take players on a journey into another world. For many of us the signing bells and jingle of coin buckets releases a euphoria that can only be found at the casino.

The RTP (return to player) at most land based casinos is much lower than at online casinos as it is much more difficult for a player to stand up and walk our of a casino than it is for someone to close a web browser.

Variety of Games

The variety of games at land based casinos is very dependant on the size of he casino itself. Casinos like SkyCity have a huge selection of games, some of which offer amazing experiences and bonus features that you can find no where else.

The down side of this is that the popularity of these casinos can mean that someone else is playing at the machine you want to play at, but his is sometimes a blessing in disguise with many of my biggest wins coming from my second choice machine.

Pub Gaming / Pokie Rooms

Pub games are the most common form of casino based gambling in NZ. The ease off access and experience of having a beer and popping a few coins in the one armed bandit is a familiar pastime for many a Kiwi.

Accessibility – Pub Gaming

The access to pokies machines at local pubs is very convenient for most New Zealanders with pubs and machines being made available in all but the most remote locations. You can see a huge list of pokie rooms available across new Zealand at

Experience – Pub Gaming

The experience of playing at the pub is one that almost every Kiwi understands. It can sometimes start with just a table with the change from a drink and turn into a solid night of good wins and good laughs.

The experience is very different from that of playing at a mega casino in Auckland but it is one that we still enjoy. The wins are more frequent than at large land based casinos and the play is more about the enjoyment of mid-small wins that just enhance the fun of a good night out.

Variety of Games – Pub Gaming

This is where pub gaming can be lacking. There are no table games and the number of pokie machines and types of pokies are very limited. The linked jackpots are tiny but the frequency of payout is often higher than in larger land based casinos.

Casino Cruises

Casino cruises are the most luxurious way to experience casino entertainment. There is not need to drive anywhere, you get a complete immersive experience and the festive atmosphere on the cruises helps enhance the casino entertainment.

Accessibility – Casino Cruises

There are obvious difficulties in accessing casino cruises as you would need to actually leave your home and hop on a luxury cruise to access the casino. Once on the boat it is a different story though. There is no worry about needing transport home once on the cruise which is a huge advantage once the drinks start flowing.

The ky is finding the best casino cruise in New Zealand. The best place to find great deals on casino cruises is at Hoot Cruises New Zealand.

Experience – Casino Cruises

The experience of playing casino on a cruise is one that we suggest every Kiwi should experience. The onboard casinos tend to offer a far more social experience than land based casino with players getting to know one another and rooting for each other at the casinos.

The pokies tend to be a bit looser than those at the large mega land based casinos too. The progressive pokie jackpots tend to be lower too.

Variety of Games – Casino Cruises

The variety of games on must cruises is limited as the cruise liners do not have as much space as the land based casinos. The larger boats do have a great variety though with some holding in excess of 500 pokie machines.

So if you are looking for easy access we would recommend online casinos, if you are looking for experience then, look no further than casino cruises but if variety is the spice of your life then land based casino are your best option.