4 Reasons Why It Is Important to Establish Timor Maritime Boundaries for Cruise Ship Casino Gambling

The term maritime boundary is the division of waters among different territories. In order to strategically divide Earth’s waters, physiographic and geopolitical criteria are used. As opposed to what you may think, landward waters such as rivers and lakes do not qualify for the term territorial waters.

For those who are looking for the top-rated cruise ship to take for casino gambling, it is important that every territory has already established their maritime boundaries. This is mainly encouraged so that determining whether you are gambling legally or is possible.

The maritime boundaries also have zones and these zones are very important because of certain reasons. Inland waters, territorial sea, contiguous, and exclusive economic zones are the ones that you need to know about.

In order to appreciate more of the importance of maritime boundaries, we take a closer look at the importance of establishing these boundaries.

Economic Aspects

Not a lot of people know this but it is a great issue between countries and territories when they cross borders to gather marine resources. When a territory knows as to what extent your area stretches in terms of the waters, there are a lot of things that you can do to influence your economy.

For instance, the islands and marine resources. With the right cultivation, an island with a rich marine resource could attract tourists to visit, thus, increasing a country’s income drastically. It will create jobs too which is a help that the government can extend towards its people.

Casino Gambling

Most of you might already know that various territories have their own rules when it comes to gambling. Some have already legalized it while others still treat it as an illegal activity.

As someone who goes on casino gambling in the best cruise ships, it is very important to know the maritime borders and the laws of such territories.

When you are within the territorial waters of a country that legalizes gambling, then you have no problem with the government authorities hunting you down.

Once you are in international waters such problem won’t be present anymore as no national government holds any jurisdiction on it.

Discovery Rights

Within a government, some people are tasked to conduct excavations and explorations on uncharted territories. When someone discovers something, there will be disputes as to which government should own it if territorial boundaries are not clear.

With the help of maritime borders, one will be able to claim a discovery regardless of who discovered it. Of course, the discoverer would get some credits. When the discovery is something of importance to a territory, country, or a nation, it is the government’s duty to preserve it.


Maritime boundaries determine where a territory’s jurisdiction starts and ends. In order to ensure that a person is rightly judged, one needs to know where the person committed their crime.

Because of these facts, it can’t be denied how important it was for Timor to establish their maritime borders. Gladly, last September 2018, the Timor-Leste treaty was signed drawing a clear line between Australia and East Timor’s territory.

There might be some setbacks when it comes to settling disputes between territories when it comes to maritime boundaries. However, this is a necessary step as cruise ship casino gambling has become so popular.

And if people don’t know which territory they are on, they might be risking their lives for illegal gambling.